Artist – a Spektrum glasses

Artist glasses
Photo credit: Spektrum Glasses

If your work requires you to spend more hours in front of a computer, if you are a mobile gamer who spends day and/or night playing with your computer, if you are into social media that you spend too much time with your devices (smartphones or tablets), or if you are a binge-watcher who enjoys watching TV series almost non-stop, your eyes are at risk of getting destroyed too soon due to the blue light that the devices are releasing.

To read what blue lights can do to your eyes, click here: The Effects of Blue Lights.

Your eyes are very important. It is one of the five important senses that should be taking care of. You don’t want to lose your eyesight, do you?

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The Stolen Years – a Love-and-Tragedy Story


It is the English title of a Chinese movie. The first few scenes were about a couple (named Yu and Mann) who likes to film themselves while traveling, eating, driving, etc. They were so sweet and so full of love for each other. They just got married.

One time she asked him to kiss her while they were on a motorcycle driving somewhere. She was filming their trip and was insistent so he turned his head to kiss her but then they met an accident.

The next scene was in a hospital. She woke up. And the first thing she looked for was her husband. Her sister was surprised because they were divorced so she told her about it. She was surprised as she thought she just woke up from the motorcycle accident, which happened during their honeymoon. But, she woke up from another accident (a car one which would be revealed later on in the movie) which she couldn’t recall.

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Thirty-Day Visa-Free Entry to the Philippines


It seems there is a slight change in the number of days that Germans and other nationals from 157 countries can stay in the Philippines visa free.

As far as I remember, it was 59 days as my husband was able to stay for 59 days before a visa extension was needed.

So I researched and found out that the change started in 2013. If you are a German or from another country, you can visit the Philippines for 30 days and less without needing a visa.

You can check the full list of countries where its nationals may enter the Philippines visa free by clicking here.


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How to get the Problem Steps Recording (PSR)

Do you know that you can record what you’re doing on the web? Do you know that a screen recorder exists? If you are a techy person, this is not a surprise for you. But if you are a normal user, this may help you.

If you have a problem with your laptop or personal computer and you want to contact a support professional to ask for assistance fixing the issue and they ask you to provide a steps recording so that they can check where the problem starts, you can use a Problem Steps Recorder (PSR).

A PSR or simply a Steps Recorder is a program that can help you troubleshoot a problem on your computer by recording the steps you took when the problem occurred.

How to get it? It is very simple. Please feel free to follow the steps below:

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What to Do When Your Computer Is Very Sluggish After Upgrade to Windows 10


Is your computer very slow-moving after upgrading to Windows 10? Well, you are not alone. There are a lot of reports online about this. A lot of Windows users are complaining that their computer moves like a snail after the upgrade.

Here is one trick that may help solve the issue. Please follow the steps below:

1. Right click on the Start menu and click the Control Panel

2. Go to the search field found in the upper right-hand corner and type the word performance and press Enter

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