Things You Should Not Do When You Are Angry

Whatever makes you angry, here are the things you should not do:

1. Don’t Vent


If you think ranting on social media or destroying glasses or plates or whatever thing is near you can help getting your anger off your chest, you are wrong because it will just make things worse.

If you will post what you feel on social media, everyone can read. They either will then judge you, pity you or feel sorry for you, or make you more angry. They will know what you are when angry, they will know the reason why you are angry, and most of the time nobody really cares.

Tendency is you are only providing them information to gossip about. And you cannot take back what you have posted. Regardless if you deleted it, everybody may have read it already. Worst, someone will screen capture it and share publicly or privately. You will just be humiliated, or you will humiliate the person who is the reason of your anger.

2. Don’t Eat

When you are angry, the tendency is you will eat unhealthy foods. You won’t think of salad. You won’t think of grabbing fruits. You will choose either high-fat foods like cheeseburgers, fried chicken, french fries, or pizza; high-sugar foods like chocolates, cakes, donuts, or ice cream; or carbohydrate-loaded foods like cakes, crackers, yogurt, or toast with too much jams. Good luck with that.

3. You Should Not Write Emails or Private Messages


You cannot take back what hurtful or insulting messages you’ve written after hitting the Send button. You will create more painful scenarios. It will be hard for you to repair what’s destroyed.

If you are very angry and really want to write, write it in a Word document, Google Doc, or Notepad. Write everything you feel and read it when you aren’t angry anymore. You will be surprised how weird are you when you are angry.

4. Don’t Drive


You don’t think straight when you are angry so the tendency is you will drive so fast and hit someone or meet an accident.

5. Don’t Drink Alcohol

drinking alcohol

Alcohol cannot cool you down. It will not help, especially when you get drunk and starts making another fight, a fight that is worst than the reason why you are drinking.

6. Don’t Fight Back


If you are the receiving end, do not shout back. Cool down. Fighting back will not resolve the problem. It may get worst. You might get punched or slapped that can result to injury and legal battles. As they say, patience is a virtue. It is better to remain patient so things will not get worst.



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