March is a Travel Month

March is my favorite month not only because it is my birth month but also because a lot of special moments in my life mostly happened in March. Some of the memorable moments are grade school graduation, high school graduation, and college graduation. Also my first ever job right after college started in March 2006 and it was two days after graduation.

I was in Prague in March 2014; in Luxembourg, Metz, Nancy, Straßbourg, Basel, Zurich, and Heidelberg in March 2015; in Milan and Lake Como in 2016; and will be in _______ and _______ this year.

I cannot tell you yet where because I have a different belief. I want to be there first before I can share so that it will really happen.

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Peace Be With You!

I just bought a Canon camera and I am testing the quality. What do you think?

I am going to travel again, not to escape life from a small city in Germany but to see what’s outside Germany, especially the southern part where the weather is a bit better, a lot more sunny, and tourist spots are in every corner.

So far I am amazed with Canon’s quality. I have a Nikon and I am happy with it, but I decided to have a Canon as well to compare and so that my better half can have his own instead of using only one.