How to Deal with a Depressed Person?

Depression is a 10-letter word: 4 vowels and 6 consonants. But, it is a very serious mental illness that can destroy a person – a person who can be your wife, your husband, your sister, your brother, your parent, your son, your daughter, your closest friend, or someone who sits beside you in a bus or train.

Some depressed people are good at hiding it from others. They smile at you like there is nothing wrong, so you will just be surprised when you hear that he or she attempted to commit suicide or when you hear that he or she slashed his or her wrist or hanged himself or herself and is dead.

What would you do when you know someone who is suffering from depression? If you never had depression, you never know what they’re feeling or going through; therefore, you have to be educated so that you know what you are going to say or do to them and you won’t feel helpless.

There are many ways how to help a depressed person:

Be a good listener. A depressed person feels like he or she is alone. He or she feels empty. If he or she opens up, listen. Don’t interrupt. Some are confused and talk slowly because their brain does not function well due to lack of sleep or not eating properly, so be patient. Let him or her talk and make sure you let him or her feel that you sympathize him or her. Let him or her feel that she is not alone, that someone really cares and willing to listen regardless of what comes out of his or her mouth.

Do the daily chores. A depressed person does not like to move or get out of bed. They may not be physically sick but you have to consider them as if they are. Do the daily chores and never complain. This is if you are living with them. Don’t let them think that you are tired of doing everything at home or that you think they are lazy, because it will just make things worse.

Read about depression. There are a lot of articles about depression online, and there are a lot of books about depression. You need to learn about it so that you can somehow understand who you are dealing with.

When the depressed person is talking about suicide, don’t laugh or ignore. Instead, take it seriously and call for help. Prevention is better than cure. Act before it is too late because a depressed person thinks life is unimportant and death is the best cure.

If the depression is getting worse, advice the person to seek treatment or professional help. If already on treatment, be there for him or her. Make sure he or she goes to appointments or takes his or her medication.



Rumors, Gossips…, and the People Involved


People gossips. People spread rumors. It is common: since hundred years ago and until now, and the future generations will still continue to do it. It is a social cancer, incurable and transmittable.

If you like to spread rumors about other people who caused you pain or who made you jealous, just make sure to face any consequences after. What comes out of your mouth cannot be taken back. Words can break friendship, can make your friend your worst enemy. You have to be careful.

If you are the one who is hearing a rumor, you have the option to disregard it or to share it with another person. It is free to verify if the rumor is true or not. It won’t cost you a thing. Why not investigate first? There are always two sides to every story. Listen to what the subject of the rumor’s story, then you can judge which one is telling the truth.

If you are the subject of a malicious rumor and you know it is never true, keep your cool. Nobody can put a good man down. The truth will always come to light. And your family and real friends will never leave your side as they know who you are.

How to get the Problem Steps Recording (PSR)

Do you know that you can record what you’re doing on the web? Do you know that a screen recorder exists? If you are a techy person, this is not a surprise for you. But if you are a normal user, this may help you.

If you have a problem with your laptop or personal computer and you want to contact a support professional to ask for assistance fixing the issue and they ask you to provide a steps recording so that they can check where the problem starts, you can use a Problem Steps Recorder (PSR).

A PSR or simply a Steps Recorder is a program that can help you troubleshoot a problem on your computer by recording the steps you took when the problem occurred.

How to get it? It is very simple. Please feel free to follow the steps below:

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What to Do When Your Computer Is Very Sluggish After Upgrade to Windows 10


Is your computer very slow-moving after upgrading to Windows 10? Well, you are not alone. There are a lot of reports online about this. A lot of Windows users are complaining that their computer moves like a snail after the upgrade.

Here is one trick that may help solve the issue. Please follow the steps below:

1. Right click on the Start menu and click the Control Panel

2. Go to the search field found in the upper right-hand corner and type the word performance and press Enter

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Thirty WordAds WordPress Themes


If you would like to monetize your blog, here are the 30 recommended WordAds WordPress themes that you can choose. There are 11 free themes and 19 premium ones where you need to pay a few bucks. Take your pick.


  1. Chateau
  2. Edin
  3. Expound
  4. Oxygen
  5. P2 Classic
  6. Quintus
  7. Twenty Ten
  8. Twenty Eleven
  9. Twenty Twelve
  10. Twenty Thirteen
  11. Twenty Fourteen

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