I stumbled upon a piece from Vera Nazarian’s book entitled “The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration”:


What do you think? Do you agree with her?

My best friend is my husband. We’ve been through a lot. We fought, we laughed, we cried. I don’t think I can find another person who can understand me and accept me for who I am, for what I have become.

I have friends in high school, in college, and in my previous job. Some are still in contact with me, thanks to Facebook. But it is really different because I am now living in another country. Things changed as we don’t see each other everyday anymore.

Right now I am struggling to find a new friend. I have workmates, but too early to call some as friends. I guess it is true. It takes time and effort to have a friend and to become a friend.


Are You an Extrovert or an Introvert?


Are you a sociable person or you prefer to be alone? Are you a wallflower – a shy or reserved – who prefers to observe than to mingle with the others? Or are you an extrovert – an outgoing person – who likes being with and talking to other people?

They said no man is an island. No one is self-sufficient. Everyone needs someone in their life, someone they can rely on. But does this apply to introverts, to loners, to wallflowers? Maybe at some point in their life.

While extroverts cannot survive without talking and interacting with other people, introverts on the other hand struggle to be in a group. They prefer to be alone, reading books, playing computer games, listening to music, or doing household chores. Interaction with others is something that gives them anxiety problem and it will just complicate things.

So what are you? Do you agree with Charles? Let me know what you think? 🙂

Rumors, Gossips…, and the People Involved


People gossips. People spread rumors. It is common: since hundred years ago and until now, and the future generations will still continue to do it. It is a social cancer, incurable and transmittable.

If you like to spread rumors about other people who caused you pain or who made you jealous, just make sure to face any consequences after. What comes out of your mouth cannot be taken back. Words can break friendship, can make your friend your worst enemy. You have to be careful.

If you are the one who is hearing a rumor, you have the option to disregard it or to share it with another person. It is free to verify if the rumor is true or not. It won’t cost you a thing. Why not investigate first? There are always two sides to every story. Listen to what the subject of the rumor’s story, then you can judge which one is telling the truth.

If you are the subject of a malicious rumor and you know it is never true, keep your cool. Nobody can put a good man down. The truth will always come to light. And your family and real friends will never leave your side as they know who you are.

The Seven Rules of Life

A life without sorrows is boring. A life without challenges and hardships is pointless. A life without purpose is lonely and depressing.
The challenges and hardships help us grow and become a better version of ourselves. They make us strive to live the life we want.

However, some of us break when facing them. We isolate ourselves. We build walls. We start to hate life. We start to hate the people that caused us pain. We become lonely and weak. We want to blame the others for what happened to us. Worse, some of us will turn to prohibited drugs and drinking too much alcohol, while the others sadly turned to suicide.

To pursuit happiness and have a carefree life, there are seven rules that we need to consider applying:

1. “Make peace with your past so it won’t disturb your future.”

Your past may not be nice. You may have encountered people who broke your heart. But this does not mean you cannot be happy today and tomorrow. Don’t let the past destroy your future. Deal with your past. Try acceptance. Not all things can be in your favor. You cannot please everyone. The past is the past. Move on. If you failed in the past, it does not mean you will always fail. Challenge yourself. Don’t let the past ruin your present that can lead to a more ruined future.

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