What to Do When Your Computer Is Very Sluggish After Upgrade to Windows 10


Is your computer very slow-moving after upgrading to Windows 10? Well, you are not alone. There are a lot of reports online about this. A lot of Windows users are complaining that their computer moves like a snail after the upgrade.

Here is one trick that may help solve the issue. Please follow the steps below:

1. Right click on the Start menu and click the Control Panel

2. Go to the search field found in the upper right-hand corner and type the word performance and press Enter

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Thirty WordAds WordPress Themes


If you would like to monetize your blog, here are the 30 recommended WordAds WordPress themes that you can choose. There are 11 free themes and 19 premium ones where you need to pay a few bucks. Take your pick.


  1. Chateau
  2. Edin
  3. Expound
  4. Oxygen
  5. P2 Classic
  6. Quintus
  7. Twenty Ten
  8. Twenty Eleven
  9. Twenty Twelve
  10. Twenty Thirteen
  11. Twenty Fourteen

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The Effects of Blue Lights

What Are Blue Lights?

Blue lights are high-energy visible lights with a wavelength between 450 and 495 nanometers that you can get from smartphones, laptops, netbooks, tablets, desktop monitors, TVs, and electric lights. The exposure arises from light emitting diodes more known for its abbreviation LED.

Nowadays where technology is everywhere, we become more exposed to blue lights. Almost all teenagers and adults own a smartphone; almost all families have computers.

Modern computer devices

What Can Blue Lights Do to Our Health?

Too much exposure to blue lights everyday is somehow not good. This is because it can increase our energy level. We will feel more alert and awake. During daytime, it may be an advantage as it is like a substitute to coffee. We do not need to take in too much caffeine to keep us awake.

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